Frequently Asked Questions

Is the advertiseonline.com loyalty program legal?

Optimus LTD is a media company whose main activity is the operation of websites.
It is a proven thing for these types of businesses to have their free space for advertisers Therefore, advertisers pay a fee set by the operator.

Here, the product is the advertising space that is rented by an operator for a specified period of time. It is a common practice for this type of business to use separate ad organizers, who are paid as employees or on a commission basis based on their performance. This type of sales requires a serious relationship and a lot of patience.

The idea behind https://hirdessonline.com is to frustrate ad organizers and redistribute the commission allocated to them to its members through various channels, thus everyone is doing well.Operator can sell advertising space, members of their work they can receive money both actively and passively in recognition of it.

Positions in the Loyalty Program are given to members as an operating gift, the idea uniqueness is what makes these positions profitable.There are others media companies that give umbrellas, wallets and other useless gifts as a gift to their customers.

The binary system is a fully accepted marketing element for network marketing companies. Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes are characterized by promising unrealistic returns and old members are paid out of the contributions of entrants in a typically short-term sustainable manner. Another feature is that no product or service is behind them. Https://hirdessonline.com distributes 35-40% of its revenue back to its members, that is roughly equal the amount you would pay an ad organizer.
Long-term sustainability is guaranteed because the binary system runs out of positions only and exclusively affected by the amount of traffic, so the more ad space the more positions you create.

How do I tax my earnings?

Optimus LTD is an English company that pays tax under English law. Your activity is not limited to a specific country.
Members join the program as individuals, as individuals they receive their credit as income from abroad.

What happens if my ad expires but my position hasn't run out yet?

No problem, the position will remain regardless of whether the member extends the ad or not.
In the case of an extension, additional positions are given as gifts, which are included in the binary matrix a will be placed in the next empty space.

I bought the ad package, but changed my mind. What to do?

In such cases, customer service must be notified immediately in writing info@hirdessonline.com.

Because the positions have been allocated, we can no longer remove them from the system, but they are In some cases, a new entrant or an older member is allowed to take over the complete package and we will refund the price of your advertising package from the amount received. Why can we sell canceled ad packages to someone else?
In the binary system, the positions are always left to right, top to bottom the next empty will be placed in place.
In practice, the new entry saves time in case of receipt, because you already receive a package where the new ones have appeared behind the positions.
Of course, in such cases, an acknowledgment of receipt and a waiver statement are required to be completed, which must be requested from the customer service and completed, scanned in the same place to return.

Can I advertise in other languages?

Of course. The company operates worldwide.